Shrink Wrap is an essential tool for securing and protecting items during a move, storage, or shipping.

Salmon’s Transfer brings you an indispensable packing solution with our premium Shrink Wrap, designed to safeguard and secure your belongings during relocation, storage, or transportation. This superior shrink wrap adheres closely to any object, offering a smooth, robust shield that guards against dust, moisture, and potential damages. Its adaptability is unmatched, allowing for efficient wrapping of items with unconventional shapes, consolidating multiple boxes, or covering furniture and appliances with a protective layer. The transparency of our shrink wrap not only facilitates quick identification of your possessions but also provides a durable, tear-resistant barrier to ensure the utmost safety of your items during the moving process. Simple to use and easy to remove, Salmon’s Transfer’s Shrink Wrap is your dependable choice for ensuring your belongings are securely wrapped and well-protected, giving you confidence and peace of mind. 13 inches wide by 1500 feet.


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