BUBBLE WRAP (48″ x 50′)


Elevate your packing game with our premium Bubble Wrap, the go-to solution for protecting your items during moves, storage, or shipping.

Upgrade your packing strategy with Salmon’s Transfer’s superior Bubble Wrap, the ultimate choice for shielding your belongings during transportation, storage, or shipping. Each roll features strategically placed air-filled bubbles, designed to absorb impacts and vibrations, safeguarding your most precious items from the rigors of moving. This Bubble Wrap’s flexibility allows it to be conveniently trimmed to accommodate objects of any dimension or contour, making it perfect for securing fragile items like glassware, electronics, artworks, and collectibles. Crafted from a transparent, lightweight material, it provides robust protection without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to your packages. Moreover, its resistance to moisture ensures an extra layer of security against humidity, solidifying its role as an essential component in any packing scenario. Find Bubble wrap near me today! SIZE 48 inches wide x 1/4 inch thick and 50 feet long!


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